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iPhone 7/8 Premium Tempered Glass Protector

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After digging through the latest research backed by real users, 90% of phone users drop their precious gadget at least once a month. Neither one of us can guarantee the absolute safety of our expensive iPhone, but we can help beat the odds of a cracked screen.

Whiztek have brought to the market a 9H 2.5D tailored tempered glass protector to provide the best protection for when accidents occur. Because who wants to pay an insurance excess or at worst, pay for a new iPhone?

Our high quality premium screen protector comes not as a single, not as a double, but a triple pack for long lasting protection. 9H hardness may not make much sense to you, but we can guarantee it is the strongest on the market when sourcing a solution to the safety of your screen. 9H is harder than a knife, resists any sharp objects whilst in your pocket and is 5x stronger than a traditional screen protector.

Once applied, you receive the same benefits as before, HD clarity, 3D touch, face recognition and touch sensitivity. The tempered screen protector is made from multiple layers, including a shatterproof membrane.


What exactly is included in the package?

We provide 3 tempered screen protectors complete with 3 sets of alcohol wipes and dry microfibre cloths for installation.

What could cause the tempered glass protector to break?

Many times, you have probably seen a friends iPhone with a protector installed and questioned whether their screen is broken.
Or even dropped your own phone and wondered whether the crack is your screen or the protector. Our shatterproof protector is normally always the culprit, which is good news for you, since we are sure you would rather the protector break than your screen.

How can I install the protector bubble free?

Follow the instructions provided, using both wipes in the right order. The idea is to clean the screen as best as possible and to ensure no residue or dust is present when installing the protector.