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iPhone 7/8 Silicone Clear Phone Case

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Whiztek has designed a premium case with a long list of benefits and features. It’s hard to choose these days which case to buy when making the decision to protect your phone, we decided to make it really easy.

We took something which worked and made it better. Most phone cases are manufactured from just soft silicone. Only using this means this design warps and lacks precise fitment of your phone overtime.

So, we decided to add a durable PC backing which adds an extra layer of protection for your device. We also decided to add reinforced corners to prevent damage against accidental drops and bangs.

So, what exactly does this mean? It means the case you receive will be flexible, ultra-thin and soft silicone with a harder backing made from durable PU material.

What are the benefits of your case? -Full coverage and ultimate shockproof design. -Anti-fingerprint and Anti-scratch -Liquid mould engineered to perfectly fit your phone -Reinforced corners and backing to prevent damage -Crystal clear transparency to preserve the real look of your phone